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Sleep and Hypertension

Better Sleep, Lower Cholesterol.... 

The benefits of ganoderma, also known as reishi mushroom, include helping the body to handle stress and sleep deprivation, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and treating respiratory problems

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 At least 30 years of study across the world in Japan, China, the United States, United Kingdom support many of the health claims made for Reishi. It is considered to be an adaptogen which means it helps the body handle various stresses from over work, emotional stress, sleep deprivation, and a range of others. It helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It is used in a number of respiratory problems including chronic bronchitis and asthma, it helps to improve adrenal function, your immune system and the sleep cycle, and a number of practitioners use Reishi to elevate and stabilize the mood as well as to improve mental focus, clarify, and concentration. I hope this information on the benefits of Ganoderma has been useful to you Thank you.

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